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How to transfer data between BlackBerry devices

Getting the most of your smartphone

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Getting a brand new BlackBerry smartphone can be a life-changing experience. But how do you transfer the loads of personal information on your old device to that shiny new Pearl Flip? Fortunately, you can complete the process quickly.

I've covered various aspects of the BlackBerry Desktop Manager in the past, including how to use the program to load, update or remove applications; back up and restore handheld data; add media files to a BlackBerry microSD memory card; and determine the amount of smartphone memory you're using at any given point.

This BlackBerry Tip o' the Week explains how to use Desktop Manager to quickly and easily transfer all or some of the personal data and applications on an existing BlackBerry smartphone to another. All you need to get started are two mini USB sync cables (like the one that came with your BlackBerry,) the Desktop Manager software and the two BlackBerry smartphones. (Note: If you're transferring data to or from a device with a micro USB port, like the new Pearl 8220 Flip, you'll also need a micro USB sync cable.)

Step One: Get BlackBerry Desktop Manager

First things first: You'll want to download or install RIM's BlackBerry Desktop Manager software, if you haven't already. To do so, either insert the BlackBerry user tools disc that shipped with your device and then install the software, or visit RIM's website and download it manually. The latest version of Desktop Manager is 4.6., though earlier versions should do the trick, as well. (Note: BlackBerry Desktop Manager only works on PCs, though RIM has promised similar tools for Mac users in 2009.)

After installing BlackBerry Desktop Manager, launch the program by clicking on the desktop icon created during installation. (If you chose not to create a desktop icon, locate the application in your computer's program files and then launch.)

Step Two: Connect your existing BlackBerry, and select device switch wizard

Next, connect your existing BlackBerry smartphone - the one storing your personal data and applications - to your PC using the USB sync cable, and then close any unrelated dialogue boxes that appear. You know your device is connected when your BlackBerry PIN appears in the bottom left corner of the BlackBerry Desktop Manger screen, next to Device connected (PIN).

When the BlackBerry is connected to your PC and Desktop Manager, choose the Device Switch Wizard option. On the following screen, click Switch BlackBerry devices.

Step Three: Configure BlackBerry device switch wizard

The Switch BlackBerry devices screen displays three columns: Current device ; New device ; and Options . The first field below the Current device heading should be labeled PIN and the value within should match the PIN digits in the bottom left corner of the application screen. If not, open the drop down menu beneath Current device and select the PIN associated with the connected BlackBerry. If your device is password protected, you'll also need to enter your passcode.


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Kathrine Mya said: The cloud data transfer is more convenient

tarek said: My current blackberry the one which has all my data has crashed and wont turn on anymore so i cant complete step 2 cos obviously connecting my old bb does nothingI backed up my old blackberry however a few weeks ago so the backup data is on my computer how can i get it on my new blackberry do you know

Lobation said: I am just about to give a go but the only concern is that both device are used I have a work BB smartphone that is relatively new and will transfer contact and everything from my old one to this new one Since the new one is used and have existing data in place Is there anything i need to be aware of such as format the existing data in the new one before start transferring Would be much appreciated if anyone could advice anything i need to do before transferring

zamahsari said: Frankly I am afraid of fail when trying to transfer my data to my new device Is it easy to solve the problems appeared while processing

rikin said: superb thnx a million it works after finishing it looked so simple maybe d way it was xplaind how do i get all d bbm to my new device

Amanda said: Im so glad I came across your article I had the white screen of death on my bb and when I got the new phone wasnt sure how to transfer everything You took all the guess work outthanks

keshav said: Thanks alot Brother for your help

Charlie in London said: This worked fine if a bit slowly One tip - clean all the crap eg old call logs old messagesemails etc off the BB you are tranferring the data from before you start The last thing you need is all the crap on your shiny new BB

AJ in Australia said: Brilliant - really useful for a guy like me whoi has no clue about transferring data Everything has been transferred - all hail blackberry

Eva said: This worked so well Thank you

Amy said: i recently transferred all data from my blackberry curve 8900 to my new bold 9700 However now i cannot login to my facebook application as the error message we cannot reach facebook server at this time 100 comes up is there any way to fix this ive uninstalled and reinstalled several times

Eric said: The only thing I want and the only thing anybody wants is to transfer contacts from my old BB to my new BB and it doesnt work Oh but it transferred all my txt msgs which I dont care about at all CONTACTS CONTACTS CONTACTS stupid software execs Why is it the year 2010 and you idiots at BB still cant get it right Oh I get it I must be the first person on the planet that wants to do this My bad

km said: Do you know how you do this if you are using a mac

Ron said: Is there a way to merge data phone numbers calendar etc from to new without losing any information on both blackberrys

BlueCollarCritic said: Personally i manually copy amp paste data to the SD card in my Blackberry using card readerThe Blackberry Desktop sofwtare is sooo incredibly slooow that its a wonder anyone would tolerate it even if they dont understand how to move data to the phones card without using the Blackberry software After my first Blackberry if I was unable to by pass the Blackberry Desktop sofwtare I would have looked at a competitors phone This is what happens when sofwtare has no competition it sux

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